Sunday, July 22, 2012

nursing education and present condition

medical field is an daily updating based on researches of field.and observation of field workers.
 and nurses are the most bigger group of observer in medical science but due to workload and interrupted in service education they falls back and didn't receive the identification for the work.

but if you want to grow in carrier you have to keep passion along with updation of knowledge and sincerity
nurses are with two helping hands one for patients and one for doctors to complete the job of mankind.

in our country there is no definite  system for education up gradation for nurses working in small and rural areas
they have to work for most of filling the paper and attending the meetings and loses the contacts with the community and then filling of the bills and then asking for the billed payments so it makes mental, physical and economical abuse we are facing in the current time

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Thursday, December 24, 2009


U. N. Panda Jaypee’s Nurses’ Dictionary, 1/e Rs. 85.00 

Bansal Anatomy and Physiology for Nurses, 1/e (Hindi) Rs. 125.00 

J. Anthikad Biochemistry for Nurses, 1/e Rs. 80.00 

S. Nambi Psychiatry for Nurses, 1/e Rs. 80.00 

Shakuntla Sharma Principles and Practice of Nursing, 1/e Rs. 150.00 

BT Basavanthappa Community Health Nursing, 1/e Rs. 250.00 

T.K. Indrani TB of Sociology for Nurses, 1/e Rs. 100.00 

CP Thresyamma Midwifery, 1/e, 2001 Rs. 140.00 (New) 

Anthikad Psychology for Nurses, 2/e, 2001 Rs. 100.00 (New) 

Renu Jogi Paediatric Nursing (Hindi), 2001 Rs 77.00 (New) 

CP Thresyamma Operating Room Technique and Anaesthesia for 
General Nursing Course,1/e, 2001 Rs. 90.00 (New) 

RL Bijlani Fundamentals of Physiology: A TB for Nursing Students Rs. 200.00 

BT Basavanthappa Nursing Administration, 1/e Rs. 200.00 

S. Choudhury Respiratory Nursing Care Rs. 75.00 

Bhide A TB of Obs. for Nurses & Midwives (Pregnancy and Child) Rs. 150.00 

BT Basavanthappa Fundamentals of Nursing (In Press) 

BT Basavanthappa Nursing Education (In Press) 

YK Joshi Basics of Clinical Nutrition (In Press) 

Onila Salins Commulative Records for General Nur. & Midwifery Course, 1/e 2000 Rs. 50.00 

Peddy Medical Biochemistry for Nurses (In Press) 

R.L. Bijlani Physiology for Nurses (In Press) 

Molly Sam Nursing Profession: A Clinical Guide, 1/e Rs. 75.00 

T.K. Indrani Sociology for Nurses, 1/e Rs. 50.00 

BT Basavanthappa Nursing Research, 1/e Rs. 100.00 

Onila Salins Nutrition Guide, 1/e Rs. 50.00 

Molly Sam Junior Students Nurses Clinical Diary Rs. 50.00 

Molly Sam Senior Students Nurses Clinical Diary Rs. 75.00 

Molly Sam Mental Health Nursing (In Press) 

Molly Sam A TB of Nutrition for Nurses, 1/e Rs. 100.00 

Bhatia Microbiology for Nurses, 1/e Rs. 100.00 

Gates Oncology Nursing Secrets, 1/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 300.00 

K.D. Chaudhury Pharmacology for Nurses, 1/e Rs. 100.00 

U.N. Panda Medicine for Nurses, 2/e Rs. 100.00 

Pearce Anatomy & Physiology for Nurses, 16/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 75.00 

Lippincott Manual of Nursing Practice, 2001 $ 28.50 (New) 

Walson Nurses’ Manual of Laboratory & Diagnosis Tests, 2/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 250.00 

Baldwin Davis’s Manual of Critical Care Therapeutics, 1/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 175.00 

Goldman Pocket Guide to the Operating Room, 2/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 200.00 

Doenges Application of Nursing Process and Nursing Diagnosis an 
interactive Text for Diagnosis Reasoning, 2/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 150.00 

Hogstel Practical Guide to Health Ass.Through the Lifespan, 1/e Ind. Rs. 75.00 

Winwood Sear’s: Anatomy and Physiology for Nurses, 6/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 175.00 

Wong Nursing Care of Infants and Children, 6/e $ 69.00 (New) 

Taylor Fundamentals of Nursing, 4/e 2001 $ 69.95 (New) 

Pearce A General TB of Nursing, 20/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 150.00 

Gupta Practical Nursing Procedure, 2/e Rs. 100.00 

Saxton Mosby’s Comprehensive Review of Nursing, 6/e, 2000 $ 29.95 

Brunner Medical Surgical Nursing, 9/e, (Or. Price $ 44) $ 37.50 (New) 

Marlowe TB of Pediatric Nursing, 6/e, (Or. Pr. $ 71) Rs. 1200.50 

Martin The Nurses’ Dictionary, 29/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 40.00

nurse looking for bright carrier

if you wana know more about occupational health nursing  discuss with me 

i will guide hou much i can  

threr is so much oppurtunity in industries for nurses in india and in gulf

nursing in indusries in india

in india where millions of working in the industries .india doe't have an suitable structure for it lake of knowledge, fund .workers. selfishness of owners is playing with the health of workers